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October 2003

TENNESSEE STUD - THE HORSE'S PERSPECTIVE I had been playing this song for some time, I kinda thought about it and it occurred to me that this song is from the perspective of the rider of TS, which would be me as the singer. And, analyst that I am, I also thought "I wondered what the perspective of the horse might be of this story". And I thought some more, being anal as I said, I mean analytic, you know, let me see what I can find out about that. So off I went on a little adventure to find the pieces that might add up to the solution to this puzzle. Of course, I had to go where horses are, and they tend to be in corrals and pastures, and they're all over the place--everywhere in the world; so I got to see quite a bit of the world on this investigation. But you also need to know that for your sake, I went through a lot of shit--horse shit to be exact. Wherever there're horeses, there's horse shit. And since horses often live on what're called ranches, or farms, with other animals--I also went through cow shit, chicken shit, duck shit, pig shit--just for you--so that you could be enlightened. Well, at any rate, lo and behold, I was able to trace down the blood lines and ancestries of various horses, believe it or not, and I was able to reconstruct a rather clear picture of the horse's perspective on this story. So--you listen up and you're going to hear it... "Words" to song are now horse neighs.

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