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March 2007

No Fooliní The next TNSAR team meeting is Monday, April 2nd. Please refrain from riding mountain and/or road bikes to the meeting. In spite of the fact that there are crocus, tulip, and daffodil bulbs blooming in my front yard, it really is winter out there. Letís behave appropriately. And please folks, no shorts or flip flops.
Surely The Greatest of Great Ski Races occurred on March 4th, 2007. Of course we say that every year, BUT this year was truly something. And if not the greatest, this yearís race certainly had the most spectacular finish EVER. For those of you who were too busy racing to see it for yourselves, the two photos here capture the moment amazingly well. It really was something to see Patrick Weaver, Mark Iverson, and Josh Smullin round the final corner at the top of the Cottonwood hill and simultaneously drop into tuck positions for the mad dash to the red finish line. And a mad dash it was. All brightly attired in mustard yellow spandex, the three skiers looked like one giant foot long hot dog as they bolted for the red line. From the looks of the photo above, Patrick Weaver (front and center) looked like he was headed for a fourth consecutive GSR win. But in the last few hundred meters Iverson miraculously pulled ahead. Truly a Kodak moment, Iversonís boot crossed the line inches ahead of Weaverís and Smullinís. Someone yelling from behind me near the finish corral cried out, ďÖit looks like the Oompa Loompa ski team coming across the line!Ē No offense to the little people from Loompa Land. I myself am a card carrying member of PETOL (People for the Ethical Treatment of Oompa Loompas). I must say, there was quite a ruckus at the finish corral because no one really knew whose boot it was that crossed the line first. Iverson thought he was first but there wasnít definitive proof until Gene Murrieta produced his amazing photo. Mr. Murrieta, as it turns out, just happened to be borrowing Sierra Sun photographer Emma Garrardís camera at the finish line. Ms. Garrard was out there skiing and had asked Gene to ďsnap a few photosĒ at the finish line for her. Good job Gene! All three racers were given a finishing time of 1:13:20, but Dirk really wanted me to point out that all three racers crossed the finish line within 20/200th of a second of each other. I have no idea what that means, by the way. Beth Reid from Palo Alto was the first woman to cross the line with an amazing time of 1:18:56. Beth was 12th overall.
As Always TNSAR members and extended family members had some spectacular race times as well. Top honors go out to Jonathan Laine and Marty Schoonmaker (1:28:16 and 1:39:28, respectively) who kicked some collective booty on either side of the gender divide. Also, high fives go out to Heidi Schroepfer. Heidi was 1st overall in the female 14-15 age group, with an awesome time of 2:11:03. (Maybe she wanted to get across the line before all of Debraís chili disappeared. Three cheers for Cuisine Committee!) Of course my hat always comes off for the most persistent. This year Jim Bowman and Ron Mills battled it out, neck in neck at the finish line sometime after 3pm. Surely we must rethink our award categories and give it up for those who crawl across the line long after all the beer has run out. Hell of a job fellas, thanks for sticking it out to the bitter end. Whether one finishes 1st or 812th, the finish line ALWAYS looks good. Speaking of finishing, this year we had 888 registered skiers and 812 of them crossed the finish line. Oh, and before I forget, TNSARís own Doug Read was 1st overall in the snowmobile division. Yes, itís true. Doug had an amazing time out there on the race course with a snowmobile (and the Ginzu snowmobile groomer) borrowed from Tahoe Cross Country. Unbenownst to most of us, six snowmobilers wrecked havoc on a significant portion of the race course after the final grooming had been completed on the Truckee side early Sunday morning. Doug came to the rescue with the snowmobile groomer just before the race kicked off at 9am. Thanks Doug! You might want to delete that from your race resume.
Soooo many people make this race and this fund raising event a reality. It never ceases to amaze me. And at the risk of sounding like someone from the Academy Awards ceremony, it is impossible to thank everyone because there are just too many of you out there. In spite of myself, I would like to say a special thanks to Gene Murrieta who snapped the finish line shot (and gave TNSAR rights to print that shot here in the newsletter) and Nick Brown who was out there photographing skiers at the start and finish of the race. Thatís Nickís photo of the top three flying down the Cottonwood hill. In case you havenít already heard, Nick is donating 50% of all proceeds from photo sales to TNSAR. So if you havenít done so already, give Nick a call (603) 209-4709 or go online (nsbphoto.com) and order some photos. Nick has also donated 2 cdís worth of race photos for the Teamís archives. Thanks Nick!
Spring Cleaning On Sunday, May 6th, we will be having our annual TNSAR Garage Cleanup and Maintenance souriez. We will clean, rearrange, paint, wash, wax and follow up with lunch. This is the time to make sure all of our equipment is ready to go as soon as winter gets here.
Coming Soon to a newsletter near you. Tony Bochene has written a wonderful primer for those new to the Team or those thinking about joining. Tony is a long time TNSAR member who has participated in nearly every aspect of the Team, from Snowcats to slinging beer at the Great Ski Race to snowcave construction on Mt. Watson. Coming in the April newsletter, I will print Tonyís article almost in its entirety (I had to cut certain linguistic acrobatics that Tony employed.) Stay tuned.
Swinging a 5 iron at all my bulbs ----B. Wright

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