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April 2008

April 7 Stop working on your bike, just stop it. It is absolutely not becoming of a nordic search and rescue member, especially when you know that it is going to snow again before hobby horse season. In the mean time, get thee to the Granlibakken hut, 6:30pm, standard TNSAR attire required, no shorts!

Perpetuity Clarified Cut and pasted directly from the source at aryan-buddhism.blogspot.com “…to declare the annihilation of what “is” requires the basis for what has become to have been begotten by that which itself is not begotten; whereas for perpetualism to declare the perpetuosity of what “is” in perpetuity does not address that center most axis mundi which “makes things arise in perpetuity” to begin with.” If that doesn’t clear things up then this should; the Hilltop hill (TNSAR’s axis mundi) forever will remain the Hilltop hill. Yes, thanks to the benevolence of the powers that be, the GSR’s sacred finish line will remain undeveloped by the developers who sought to develop the undeveloped land in the first place. A hearty TNSAR thank you goes out to everyone who worked on preserving this historical landmark. Special thanks and acknowledgement must go to the developers who honored their word and worked above and beyond the call of duty to keep the finish line corral and Hilltop Hill out of future development plans. No doubt all future GSR generations will appreciate the work that it took to preserve our own little slice of sacred space.

Campaign ‘08 Time again for the scandal-less TNSAR elections. The April meeting is typically when we have nominations for positions, both Officers and Board Members, and then we count chads until May, when we announce the latest and greatest Who’s Who of TNSAR. Two Board positions will be hotly contested. Interested? Then sharpen your pencil and get your campaign speech ready. You can nominate yourself or anyone else you think is up to the task. Keep in mind, we are still in search of a new Training Guru to lead us into the 2008/2009 season. Talk to Jimmy Smith, he may even offer a cash incentive for the willing person(s). Wanna be President? Vice President? Lead a coup, incite a mutiny, just don’t mess with Scott Schroepfer’s position. Participation is the key ingredient.

Shark Sighting A few weeks ago several TNSAR members, Alpine Meadows ski patrollers, and Placer County Search and Rescue personnel took a road trip to San Jose to see a Sharks hockey game. Tickets were provided gratis from Patrick Frost who was one of the two skiers lost off the backside of Alpine in February. Patrick works for the Sharks selling the posh box seats to high and mighty muckety mucks from the Silicon Valley. According to eye witnesses TNSAR members behaved as well as can be expected (considering all you can eat appetizers, a personal bartender, and a designated driver) and thoroughly enjoyed themselves as distinguished guests of honor. No can quite remember what actually happened at the hockey game itself, but they all remember having one heck of a good time. Patrick was ever grateful to TNSAR, Placer County, and Alpine ski patrollers who jointly participated in ending his frosty three day ordeal.

El Trekking (A special report from Señor Fenimas, SnowLine’s foreign correspondent at large in Spain’s Basque backcountry): a 21% rise in callouts to Basque mountain rescue has the Ertzaintza – the autonomous Basque national police force –– pleading with citizens to (you know the drill!) dress in layers, wear a hat, carry map and compass or GPS, have enough food and water and, yes, not forget what we call the “3 W’s.” In 2007 there were a total of 245 search and rescue operations in this 7000 sq. km. area, up from 202 the previous year. The Ertzaintza fields four brigades de montaña of seven ground searchers each, with five search dogs, four helicopters, and a number of local volunteer organizations available. With a population of just over two million, these provinces have Spain’s highest per capita income and more people every year who engage in what they call el trekking. Although the Pyrenees lie well to the east of el país vasco, a chain of craggy peaks rises to the south above steep and heavily forested ridges easily accessible from major population centers like Bilbao and San Sebastián . The topography seems to me similar to that of the coastal and inland ranges of Central California, though it’s rainier, greener, more thickly settled and intensively cultivated where possible. Much of the rise in incidents they attribute to imprudencias. “We’ve seen everything, and sometimes we throw up our hands,” said Kepa Gordo, a volunteer searcher from the province of Alava. “We have helped hombres who were trying to climb Aizkorri” – a prominent 1551-meter summit – “in street shoes.” – translated and summarized from an article in El Diario Vasco, 17 de Febrero de 2008.

Check it out Patty Robbins from Robbins Design has generously donated her time and creative energy to revamp TNSAR’s logo. Subtle merging of the old with some new….what do you think? Pretty cool if you ask me. Thanks to Patty for taking that on! I’m just glad she kept those dern snow machines behind those mountains in the background. They are there, just behind the skiers, as usual.

Electronica Ever reluctant to merge into the electronic present, SnowLine will now be offered electronically via email to any and all those interested in forsaking the pulp. If you are interested in receiving an electronic copy of this newsletter, please send a self addressed, stamped envelope to.. .just kidding…send us an email at webmaster@tahoenordicsar.com For those of us who just plain like the old fashioned printed version, keep an eye on your mailbox. I’ll keep licking stamps as long as there is interest.

Just tickled to be here,
----B. Wright

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