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October 2008

Come One, Come All to the Granlibakken hut, Monday October 6th, at 6pm for the opening meeting of Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team’s 2008/2009 season. I know it’s hard to believe, but run outside and check your favorite grove of deciduous trees and shrubs. Yep, they’re turning. Summer greens are fading to orange, yellow, and puce. (Arguably the most popular and sought after fall color). Dinner and adult beverages will be served prior to the meeting, but only to those who refrain from talking about the upcoming election, our ubiquitous economic woes, or the latest swine glamour secrets.

TNSAR’s Newest Member arrived on September 11th at 6:40 AM. Gavin Christopher Smith weighed in at a whopping I don’t know how many pounds, but it doesn’t matter because Papa and Mama couldn’t be happier. Well done Jimmy! Come to think of it, Jimmy deserves very little credit aside from...yeah. Anyways, welcome to the wonderful world of sleep deprivation, projectile vomiting, and college savings plans. Those of us already in the Club wouldn’t trade it for all the wet wipes in the world.

Hot Off The Assembly Line is another new TNSAR arrival, our new Team Truck. As you can see, it is a modified four wheel drive car hauler specially designed to transport the Team snowcat. After enduring countless seasons of extreme trailering, Scoop and Company will now be riding in style and, most importantly, will be doing it safely. Mucho thanks to Brian York and Papa Smith for spearheading this new and much anticipated acquisition. Stay tuned for more info about another new truck for the rest of us

Summer Searches TNSAR was called out for two searches this summer. The pagers first went off on June 5th for two elderly hikers missing in Desolation Wilderness. Searchers from Eldorado County Sheriff’s Office found one of the missing hikers at a campsite near Eagle Lake on June 5th. The first victim died from apparent heart failure. The following morning Placer County and TNSAR members joined the search effort and located the second victim in dense brush below the Eagle Lake trail. Tragically, the second victim died from a fall while attempting to hike out to get help for his ailing hiking partner. TNSAR pagers also went off in early August for a lost hiker behind Squaw Valley. Exhausted, geographically challenged, and in need of assistance, the hiker called Placer County Sheriff’s Office on his cell phone and requested help. Six TNSAR members responded with high hopes of a late summer campout and rescue but alas, with the help of his cell phone light the hiker found the Emigrant Pass trailhead at the top of Squaw where he was whisked away to safety by Squaw Valley security. No, he was not charged with anything, but he was extremely grateful for all of our hard work and rapid response.

This Just In (from Dirk Schoonmaker) Robert "Fro" Frohlich, local bartender, writer and skipper has recently been diagnosed with cancer and undergone major surgery. He is recovering at Tahoe Forest Hospital and his progress can be followed at this address: www.caringbridge.org/ visit/fro. The website will also have information about future fundraisers to help our friend out. Fro has never formally been a team member but has always supported us and The Great Ski Race in his writings and presence. The team wishes Fro a speedy recovery and will muster to help out in any way when needed.

Welcome Aboard to TNSAR’s new Board members Ray O’Brien and Bernie Mellor. Both Ray and Bernie have been around for many years and will undoubtedly bring Irish pride and English wit to TNSAR Board meetings. Tradition has it that new Board members always get flogged at the first meeting so bring a sharp switch or leather belt to the upcoming meeting and join in the fun.

Looking forward to yet another great season with TNSAR. Forever honored and proud to be part of the gang.

----B. Wright

The goal of TNSAR is to conduct fast and safe rescues, and to help educate the public on winter safety. If you would like to help TNSAR in this cause, please use the following PayPal donate link. Thanks!

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